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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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us. and we didn't know it was it's i. the driver said they were right there. and he said no we didn't know where they were. we kept on walking and they kept face of this in the car. and they kept trying to get us to get in. and we refused her. a hundred yards that way. and they offered us some way screaming jello at that restaurant in ten. and i had a screen there too we finished we all loaded back up in the car but they never went back the way they came they went around away from the reason i fell asleep. and i never will go up until we are coming up to the moon against him. when after a good old nothing relates i was kidnapped like i said my dad didn't know the current indian affairs in new jersey they didn't hear how they got the children
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here. i believe it was february two years ago i was on the board of sessions that are to choose a united church and chisholm township is about five miles already here. and my
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first set were the sessions meeting effect in there was two other members and the minister and myself and the minister was going through the agenda there were to talk about him she mentioned the residential school system. and all of a sudden i started to shake and broke down crying i had no idea why. i didn't know what this was a vote at all. and from that i ended up going to my doctor and for some depressed help pretty pression and he referred me to a psychologist in north bay. and to curb probably twenty minutes to determine that the biggest part of my problem was from that incident fifty years earlier. but i was stationed there in the r.c.m.p. and we had a territorial jail there which most times i was in jail guarded night and this day shift i happened to be the same to whatever came on through the door it would be
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sometime between november of sixty four and april of sixty five on a day shift i was assigned to assist an agent from the residential school system to pick up two children from a family in fort smith northwest territories i went to the door of this home and the woman who lived there knew why we were there to know she know that there are to be two daughters were being sent to residential schools the mother was crying both children were crying probably six and eight years old. and i took the six year old from her arms actually and turned them over to the agent. he jumped in his current car took off to the airport in aerospace and the end of that night i saw i never saw him i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget the cars.
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at the time i didn't like the idea of taking kids away from their family bothered me in person being in the r.c.m.p. had no alternative who couldn't complain about it. the only thing i knew about the in the uterus a dental schools was placed. the good formal education i didn't see any problem but . since then i've come to realize what they were both. heard no differently now and that's part of the story that i want to tell. it took up maybe the tribe minutes of my life. and i buried it back in sixty four sixty five. fifty years later it came back to haunt me. here in boston.
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is. the we were sitting at this at this very spot i'm not sure if it was exactly the same table we're sitting at this very spot. at a board meeting. you remember ron you were on the board at the time and and the board at that time had decided that they wanted to study this book called a healing journey for us all and part of that took us into residential schools well let me let me say first clearly that i think the residential school history within canada is one of the. the greatest tragedies if not the greatest
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tragedy in our whole. history as a country. it's. the damage that's been done to so many lives and. the damage that it continues to be done and that will be felt it generationally. is is just it's beyond one that we it's hard to even take it in. presidential schools are schools that were set up by the government of canada and there are other countries that have the same thing but it was a policy that was put into place to bring all as many indigenous people as possible
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into these schools to educate them into the european way of life to take you away from your culture your language all your traditions and that's what it's about. in order to sever those ties in your culture in your language they had to separate children from families and communities we wore uniforms you all dress the same you had your hair cut the same you were all one and it was to assimilate us to make sure we didn't have an indian in us when we left here.
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the focus of the church or recently we had say prayers and things like that. we weren't allowed to talk in our language we had to speak english but. it wasn't indoctrination like he didn't put us in one room and he just indoctrinate us all day long or anything like that it's just the way the routine of the place it was him it was in the routine that in in speak anything but english you went to the white man's school you went the way it meant church you were the white man's clothes all those are built in wasn't a classroom lecture anything it was there was ingrained in the system there's a living years they. it was taken from them there was no
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mother no father figures no he said good night or come and see you if you are sick personal didn't know me look everybody except that they put is in a big player i'm similar to this dining room and we sort of the looked after ourselves. what was going on across this country that so many children were being taken so many children were being put into residential schools and my thing is if if they were such a wonderful school they were models everybody should a had a non-native europeans everybody should have had a residential school not just one race of people is a very racist policy you know but that's what the intent was is to kill the indian
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in the child and pretty much they've done it so you get punished for being who you are. it's a school where you're punished were heard least of interaction. the punishments were. severe. and punishment for things you never did you never did. i i don't think i ever did anything wrong that would deserve a strap never and you got it. you never knew it. when you went over the line they let you know by giving you d.d. . beating so it's a symbol but it was more than that it was terror. that accompanied each beating.
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or tell me when you have children put in an electric chair for entertainment or for punishment lesser crimes against humanity and yet different things and i've heard of other guys have an electric currents and they brought us into a place they could. well the press room for most of the beating is by no name. and we went in or one at a time and it got a good shellacking with the letters leather strap and they everybody. was afraid of it but. everybody knew they were going to get it sooner or later just remember them crying it was a lot of crying in this place a lot of tears. and yet we find out it was like. thousands upon thousands of children that were being abused despite the beatings and the ferocity of some of the beatings we still defied the authority to run away.
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the boy say how he's over sixty boys. displayed this number each of us are lonely beyond a spear. from within we each had our own battles to fight. we were lost lonely scared and confused her biggest battle was to keep her secrets. her laser shrouded in secrecy no one could know that we all clicked to the new kids are being raped and walesa in large numbers sodomized by beasts. no one could know no one would ever know saddam ingle were headed to be a nicer place so he tried to escape. way the colonel seeing what ironing those cut were
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ferocious they had been relentlessly beaten with other machinery belts carried by all the staff including the principal the cane beaten until their supreme deco dough to the earth and in the morning the barns down the lean way and up the city streets. until there was silence that was the skiri is despite this we ran we i believe each of us tried to lese once to escape that worries prison the holy spirit is with demons all over. itself and. there is the boilers. at that far end as raw
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unless it time and time again day after day and boy did i ever wish someone would come live there so he would miss me somehow. another error came. i just came out of there feeling so dirty rotten lower think you can imagine and i thought every kid over there knew that i had what happened to me. but. i think it all and then because none ever bothered me none ever asked me what happened in there i think we all got it at one point or. but it is a nasty dirty place. but here's where i got him a lesson here. saying against the wall here and he had his way with me. and i was his mother that oh i.
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see time in my life and i felt so dirty and so so. bad we don't in the boiler room he took my clothes off. and they just stand here a little guy just discussed where he was doing. things say i think it's
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very very possible that children did die here but we'll never know asis i've heard too many different stories for it to be all lies if they're not buried here they're probably buried somewhere on the property and it's just one of those things that in time we may come across about this this we can investigate if there's any truth to it if there is anything in there. just just from the people that i know from the survivors that i know that say that yeah they remember this being something and you don't just put a window at the bottom of a basement for any for no reason. on counting the cost it's been a cold trojan horse while russian banks moved to hungary is picking up a stole all populist governments threatening the independence of central banks and isn't the end of the runway with jet airways counting the cost on ideas into.
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the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. on his conversations on global affairs and the future of the region. the thirty al-jazeera for. in a region full of contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race in the swing. where is the gulf headed with the arabian influence on the rise saudi fluids on the decline. and the crisis. the gold from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh and twenty eight in doubt. technology. leading the way in the digital revolution. making
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a difference in the online vs to places. this week tackling sexual health in south africa and engineering social change in london inspiring young people to come to the soldiers today soledad you see men are all taking. the final episode of life sucks while that happens on al-jazeera. hello and has i'm seeing here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the un recognized government in libya has closed tripoli's only functioning airport follows more fighting nearby forces loyal to warlord after are threatening to push further into the capital he began an offensive to take tripoli three weeks ago but not at the wellhead has more from tripoli. they have to
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really tended i believe. just for security. and precautions reasons that decision has been made. or plain. some some sources say work is really making it a jewel on the saw rango be made to be able they tried to turn red with anti. fire but they did not get it in sudan several top members of the former ruling party are reported to have been arrested thousands of demonstrators are keeping up the pressure on the ruling military transitional council they want inquiries into abuses by the regime the public prosecutors announced former president obama and the bashir is being investigated for money laundering algeria's former prime minister and the current finance minister have been ordered to appear in court in connection with an investigation into the
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wasting of public money hundreds of thousands of algerians continue to hold rallies they're calling for a wider change after for president under lizzie's beautifully stepped down earlier this month at least seven people have been killed in a gun fight in the afghan capital kabul attackers stormed the heavily guarded communications ministry after detonating a bomb at the entrance taliban has denied responsibility for the attack. egyptians have voted in the first day of a referendum that could open a door to president abdullah that has sisi staying in office until twenty thirty voters are also deciding on whether to allow the president to appoint top judges and to expand the role of the military french yellow vests protesters have rallied for the twenty third consecutive week more than twenty thousand people marched toward the central square in paris police fired tear gas and water cannon they arrested more than one hundred people those are the headlines now back to canada
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stasi street. i like finding old friends and winnie as well i know her by from the residential school the mohawk institute when we first went in there we were my sister and i were separated into groups and i had one older girl that took me under her wing and my sister don we need look after her well i don't you know when i was
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there i don't even remember going there i don't really remember the people that can be employed in my home i remember that. all i know i was just there so then i met this this older. person on this on the girl she kind of took care of me when i was growing up. and she told me when she's ready to leave because she was in twelve thirteen maybe for me she said that she was going to ask her mother to come and get me and take she to take me home to be her little sister. but didn't happen because. she.
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got hurt. her or her bad. i think. i think somebody hit her on a tree. and i don't know i think she died but i'm not really. sure but i don't know. anyway i've been able to say in the last few years that they killed her and i was there. what happened to her. first class. sometimes i used to dream up her she would come to me in a dream by that because it hurts to talk aloud. because i remember when she used that. piggy back we honor. her back and with the
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run and with the play and thanks to him when i got her to pick me up and. give me a hug and for someone to crack that's like the way we should we do when we met and no one thought that through after they smashed her in the tree. you know that song sometimes you can hear it on t.v. on the river shows that's that's a song. even if a glass breaks today well it's green. and sometimes my family get mad and. i said who are i care how that's it's the sound that's it scares me and. makes me loud like.
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it's. to say the scene is a drawing child who just surely with four was flailing away with his head above water in a raging river he can swim but the risk with that unrelenting he slips under the surface is really for the trying to catch you know that lacy breath but he knows he's going under for good. what tears run upon this child's mind knowing can imagine. those thoughts will go down with him the want to live as seen above in the light under surfaces of the river.
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as he slowly sinks his here is silky and wavy in the arms still do that ever removing so slowly and reaching for a new purpose except his will tells him to reach up. a lady's surface phase in his body has no more movement except the end of the curtain the time was lay physically along the water when into oblivion. i left saying it come back one day and attacked those people that had attacked me and i they didn't just attack me i think they attacked every play. but. i wrote a book called our legacy and. since i wrote dead book they
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don't have this great desire to go back and warn me that the want they i. i haven't forgiven but they're not around to forgive when i realize. the effect that this type of government administration had on thousand people in my time. and it disgusts me that i'm a canadian and i always thought canada was the greatest country in the world. and i'm ashamed to say i'm canadian. because it we're a government it's not. the
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government wanted access to mineral rights mining lumbering fisheries all natural resources that canada has and they all are on his native land of course they were here first so the government i guess determined rather than go to war with the natives they would eliminate them. and i know from my own experience people that i've norm they were raised by whites in the residential schools so when they were a finished their their parents didn't accept them if they weren't native and the white community did not accept them because they were native so these people knew those hundred fifty thousand children grew up in limbo with no roots no
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background and no place they could call home. i knew ahead of time when i believe i went to school that day in. and it was the last day of school in summer. everything seemed greater than the grass seemed weird the sky was blue or. it was just a great day. you come home and they're like you're a stranger i'm a stranger to them but they're a stranger to me too so i had to go find who my relatives were how was i connected to this community i knew where i came from i didn't know that but i just didn't the holly fit in. hundred fifty thousand people children were taken from their families. and as
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a result of that seven generations of native people grew up with no roots. and this is my friend carol croce whom i have known for a few years and appreciate her friendship and and what kind of things she can tell us about her first nations so. having my father my aunt and my uncles. gone to residential school my father never discussed his upbringing he was silent the home that we lived in was silent around who he was and how he was raised so prior to the thirty i had no idea or no understanding of what had happened to my family and
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i knew that there was something up like there was something wrong but i didn't know what that was when i was finding all of these things about residential school when i was thirty. and my father had already passed away my mother was still a life and i started asking michael my aunt questions. it began to i began to realize how strange everything was and it began to see what those schools did and what the effect that we had and why my brothers and i had struggled so much with our emotional life this was a wrong to teach children away from their parents and heard them into a school against their will it just blew me away
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and then when ron when you had the courage to stand up and see. that this was wrong and that you knew it was wrong when it happened instead of standing up and said i witnessed this in it didn't look that bad. i can't tell you what that does for people. i really can't. and i don't care what bad things you might have done in your life for one i know it was a whole lot because you're good birds. they were raised that. they were complete you respect.
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but what you don't hear about is what happens to adult people when their kids are ripped away. and those kids come back broken but they come back broken to two adults that are insane and that's the other half. so nobody is ok. thank you. i thank you and ask for.


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